Tax Law

Governments worldwide are aggressively pursuing additional revenue, and crises-related restructurings pose new and difficult challenges for tax planning and dispute resolution. So does the Tanzanian Government and the East African Community. At MAK Africa Legal, we understand the business and legal intricacies of taxation especially when it involves foreign investments and have thus forged an ability to design, implement and defend tax planning structures.

“Effective tax planning requires not only a thorough understanding of tax laws but also a deep knowledge of business and legal intricacies. At MAK Africa Legal, we offer both.”

How can MAK Africa Attorney Help you on Tax law

We are vastly skilled in advising in direct and indirect taxation, transfer pricing, and dispute resolution. Our dedicated lawyers, consulting experts and advisers are in touch with a changing tax law, practices and dispute resolution techniques and can help design, implement, and defend tax strategies for international operations and transactions.

Tax Law

Our Lawyers have served as trusted tax law counsel to many companies and we have experienced tax litigators who can represent clients in all phases of tax dispute resolution. We also advice on Tax exemptions; Tax Returns and Assessments; VAT; Income Tax and other forms of levies and duties.

MAK Africa Legal offers a range of taxation services, including designing and implementing tax planning structures, advising on direct and indirect taxation, transfer pricing, dispute resolution, and advice on tax exemptions.

It is important to have legal assistance with tax planning for international operations and transactions because taxation laws can vary widely between different countries and jurisdictions. Legal experts can help clients understand the intricacies of taxation laws in different jurisdictions, design tax planning strategies that comply with local laws, and minimize tax liabilities.

MAK Africa Legal has experienced tax litigators who can represent clients in all phases of tax dispute resolution, including negotiations, mediation, and litigation. They can also advise clients on the most effective dispute resolution techniques and strategies.

Transfer pricing refers to the pricing of transactions between related parties, such as between different branches or subsidiaries of the same company. It is important because it can have a significant impact on a company's tax liabilities and can be subject to scrutiny by tax authorities. Legal experts can help clients ensure that their transfer pricing is conducted on an arm's length basis and complies with local taxation laws.

MAK Africa Legal can advise clients on their tax obligations, including income tax, VAT, and other forms of levies and duties, and help ensure that they comply with local taxation laws. They can also assist with tax returns and assessments to help clients stay on top of their tax obligations.

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