Energy, Oil, Gas and Mining

Tanzania is home to a flurry of discoveries of energy sources such as oil, gas and coal. Also available is large deposits of precious minerals such as Gold, Diamond, Tanzanite and other valuable minerals such as Uranium, Iron and so forth. Couple that with the persistent energy demand in Tanzania, surrounding African Countries and the world in general, there has arisen a need for large scale investment in the oil sector in general be it onshore or offshore.

Currently with Oil and Gas discoveries in the shores and off-shores of the Indian Ocean the traditional public funding has proven insufficient and current economic conditions stand to aggravate the challenges of funding this global investment necessity and hence a number of investors have sought and seek to set up shop in the Country; or have their presence in the sector.

“Expert legal advice is essential for investors looking to navigate the complex challenges of large-scale energy and mining projects in Tanzania.”

These large energy, oil, gas and mining investments are often cross-border and require expertise, techniques, innovation and creativity in their realization, with a need to draw on experience and best practices, as well as an ability to transpose those skills and practices to meet the demands and interests of the aforesaid investments in the norms of the Country.

MAK Africa Legal can facilitate our clients in energy, oil, gas and mining to structure projects, acquire finance and implement projects and manage their investments since we have the aforesaid expertise. We recognize all the stakeholders’ needs in large scale projects.

With our local know-how and relationships, transactional capability and broad-ranging skills in finance, corporate, tax, real estate, securities, environmental and competition law, we can deliver integrated legal services that are unrivaled to assist our investing client accessing a smooth investment plan and realizing its goals. Our ultimate aim is to efficiently provide commercially effective solutions at every stage of such investments in the energy, oil, gas and mining industry


Our specialty include: biofuel, biomass, carbon capture, coal, geothermal, hydroelectric, natural gas, oil & gas, solar, wind and waste to energy.

A lawyer can offer a range of services to clients in these industries, including project structuring, financing, implementation, investment management, and specialization in different energy sources.

Tanzania has significant deposits of energy sources and precious minerals, including oil, gas, coal, gold, diamond, tanzanite, and uranium. In addition, there is a persistent energy demand in Tanzania, surrounding African countries, and the world in general. Large-scale investment in these sectors is necessary to meet this demand and realize the potential of these resources.

Investors may face challenges related to funding, legal and regulatory frameworks, compliance, and managing investments. These challenges can be complex and require specialized legal expertise to overcome.

A lawyer with expertise in the energy, oil, gas, and mining sectors in Tanzania can provide legal advice and support to investors, helping them structure their projects, access funding, navigate legal and regulatory frameworks, ensure compliance, and manage their investments.

A lawyer specializing in these sectors can offer services for a range of energy sources, including biofuel, biomass, carbon capture, coal, geothermal, hydroelectric, natural gas, oil & gas, solar, wind and waste to energy. This enables clients to access tailored legal advice and support that is specific to their particular energy source and project.

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