Wildlife and Tourism Laws

Being one of the richest countries in terms of the wildlife, Tanzania is home to a number of major investments related to Tourism and wildlife. With a number of Forests and Game Reserves to support tourism hunting as well as domestic Game hunting, investments in safaris, as in photographic and video safaris, trophy hunting safaris and plain tourism are booming. Equally the country has made strictest national law framework and policies in regulating such tourism and wildlife extraction.

“Protecting wildlife and promoting sustainable tourism is not just our passion, it’s our legal expertise.” – MAK Africa Legal

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MAK Africa Legal has lawyers who have experience in Wildlife and Tourism Laws and have taken part in major investment agreements in Tourism wildlife, negotiations, as well as litigation in major multi-million dollars wildlife cases.

Wildlife and Tourism Laws

In that regard, our practice includes advising generally on wildlife issues and tourism; procuring and processing hunting permits for professional hunters as well as their business licenses (According to the new Business Licensing Act, Chapter 208 Regulations); Negotiating and Representing clients throughout whole process of bidding for hunting blocks and upon winning the bid through negotiating the investment agreement; processing tax and other regulatory requirements including environmental impact assessments on wildlife projects.

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Tanzania has major investments related to tourism and wildlife, including investments in photographic and video safaris, trophy hunting safaris, plain tourism, and domestic game hunting.

Tanzania has implemented one of the strictest national law frameworks and policies to regulate wildlife and tourism activities.

A lawyer can provide advice on wildlife issues and tourism regulations, procure and process hunting permits and business licenses, negotiate investment agreements, represent clients in bidding processes, and assist clients in complying with tax and regulatory requirements related to wildlife and tourism activities.

The new Business Licensing Act, Chapter 208 Regulations is a regulatory framework that governs the issuance of business licenses in Tanzania, including those related to wildlife and tourism activities.

A lawyer can assist in obtaining the necessary permits and licenses required to conduct hunting and tourism activities in Tanzania by guiding clients through the application process and ensuring that they comply with all relevant regulations and requirements.

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