Merger And Acquisition In Tanzania Law And Procedure

Notification of a Merger:

The FCC must be notified of any merger or acquisition in which there is a turnover of assets in excess of Tshs. 800,000,000 (approximately US$380,000). The notification must include basic corporate information and a merger/acquisition plan.

After notification, the FCC has 14 days to request more informa­tion and to determine whether the proposed merger or acquisition should be examined in more detail, the absence of which the transaction is deemed ap­proved. If the FCC decides to further examine the transaction, the acquisition will be prohibited for 90 days and can be extended for an addi­tional 30 days. During this period the FCC will determine whether the merger or acquisition creates or strengthens a position of dominance in the market.

Merger And Acquisition In Tanzania Law And Procedure

 A Position of Dominance:

Under the Competition Act, a merger is prohibited where it creates or strengthens “a position of dominance” in a market. The Act defines a position of dominance as where a person acting alone, can profitably and materially restrain or re­duce competition in that market for a significant period of time; and the person’s share of the relevant market exceeds 35 percent.

If the FCC determines that the merger or acquisition does create or strengthen a position of dominance in the market, it may either prohibit the merger or acquisition entirely or suggest changes so that the proposed transaction does not contravene the Competition Act.

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